About this page:
I never really intended to put this page up when I made it. I still probably shouldn't.
I mean, it doesn't even have much content. The names are from FAQs/messageboards, and stats from AlaskaFox's Blitzball FAQ.

Still, there's some new and innovative stuff being used here (new & innovative to me...but I don't get out much)
Examples: using the names as the index number for my lists, so I don't have to clumsily redo my index numbers whenever the lists are sorted,
shaded rows (but check out how they're shaded), and the stylish look without any graphics.

Ahh, but I digress...email me to have other Blitzball players included here, or more features, or anything like that.
bizhat.to.ichrisi ah-t dfgh.net

Stars indicate my personal favorite(s).
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