Premade puzzles for you to try:
Office Worker (credit: Brian)
Flower (credit: Adam Blevins)
Skull (credit: Tim Zarlenga)
Bonus Puzzle One (credit: Art Penn)
Bonus Puzzle Two (credit: Art Penn)
Mask (credit: VanossGaming)
Binary Sun (credit: Perussi Gaming)
Swirl (credit: Noah Paul)
Pendant (credit: Noah Paul)

I need more puzzles. If you design a cool workable
puzzle (be sure to test it!), send it along to me.
Please include your name and the puzzle title.

If this page has completely loaded, and this message isn't replaced with a puzzle-making schema, something failed.
In such a situation, I don't think this'll end up working. Sorry.


Controls are the same as the game.